We are all ok. Thank you for your prayers and support. Our condolences to the family of the bus driver.

November 27, 2012


  • Daniel Olson :

    Dear Marcus, my prayers are with you, your band and everybody who was on the bus. My condolences for the driver and his family. I am originally from Mexico City, live in Queens NY and heard the news on TSF Jazz Radio.

    11/27/12   1:16 PM
  • Trevor :

    That's great news that you and the band are ok,
    My prayers goes out to the family of the bus driver.

    Stay bless Marcus!

    11/27/12   4:09 PM
  • ganttv :

    Hey Marcus,
    May God continue to bless you, your family and your band.
    My condolences to the family of your driver.

    11/27/12   5:04 PM
  • Slickjazzbeat :

    I am very happy to hear that everyone is okay
    I am sorry to hear about the bus driver

    11/27/12   11:07 PM
  • Pekobass :

    Marcus,After that,How are you and another band members condition?

    Especially,Louis's condition will be good?

    I can't forget his smile when he playing drums.

    I praying anytime for you guys.

    Please,please,please getting well.

    With my HEART AND SOUL,


    11/28/12   9:27 AM
  • Cookefan :

    Thanks for the posting Marcus. Gods speed to you and the rest of your group. I will pray that your families hearts and minds are soothed with the knowledge that you guys are out of harms way.
    I was just thinking last week that you tour too much!
    I wish you a speedy recovery and a safe return home to your loved ones as soon as possible!!

    11/29/12   3:29 AM
  • Michael :

    Marcus, I'm so happy that you, your band, and crew are doing okay. I think my heart stopped when I first heard about the accident.
    Like the video! Really cool how you shared the inner workings of creating an album and the theory behind the music.

    11/29/12   10:11 PM

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