Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

November 25, 2012


  • pedelstein :

    Hello Marcus,
    You and the guys are in my prayers. So sorry to hear of this accident and my deepest condolences to your driver's family. Peace and God's safety be with you. Hurry home and take good care.
    Best always,
    Paula Edelstein

    11/25/12   8:23 PM
  • JuJu :

    May God be with you. We love cruising with you (SJC). Have a fast recovery for you and the band.

    11/25/12   10:00 PM
  • ceejee :

    In thoughts with all of you.

    11/26/12   3:50 AM
  • Wouter :

    Dear Marcus, this morning, at my office, my eyes went to a newsflash: Marcus Miller - accident. I thought: "Oh no !" How are you Marcus and the rest of the crew ? I am really sorry for the driver, my condolences, and how is the tourmanager ? Marcus, what are your injuries, is it bad ? I got flashbacks, from 30 years ago, how it all started to love your great compositions and the special talent & sound you have. I almost feel guilty now because I wrote you a letter that time (23-07-1993) asking you to start performing live on stage so we can see and hear you playing on your bass guitar. Strange, but the last couple of weeks I listen to almost all of your albums and early this morning in my car the albums of Sadao (Fill Up ...) and 'Nard were at my ears. At that time I wasn't aware of nothing of all this tragedy. I hope you and you guys can continue making your nice music together keeping in mind how precious live is. I will play your newest album this evening (of course as always I bought the Japanese import release !) with my favourite song: "Redemption". Above all, my greatest support to all of you there and keep your heads up !

    Best wishes,
    Wouter Omlo.

    11/26/12   5:50 PM
  • milesdavis :

    Bonjour Marcus,
    je suis triste d'avoir appris la nouvelle de votre accident et le décès d'un des chauffeurs. Je vous envoie toute mon énergie pour un bon rétablissement physique et moral.
    PS. Merci encore pour le moment passé avec le groupe après le concert de Zurich. Mes amitiés à Luis

    11/26/12   6:39 PM
  • Carmen :

    Marcus I was just talking about you the other day to my sista Saundra Williams.
    I am really sorry to hear this news.
    I am sorry to hear about the driver.
    I found out thru the bbc news and it all over the papers.
    I hope you and your crew be ok for the future.
    You are a classy lovely lovely gentleman and your crew I met backstage Jazz Cafe were class act as well.
    I send you lots of healing my lovely friend.
    God bless you and the crew affected.
    You are all in my prayers and you Marcus always have a place in my heart for being a lovely kind gentleman.
    Carmen Barlow

    11/27/12   1:28 AM
  • Pekobass :

    I praying for you and band members safety.

    Please show us performance again.

    I hope Louis Cato drum performance with his SMILE!


    11/27/12   2:43 AM
  • Brigitte :

    Dear Marcus,

    the bus accident message was shocking!
    All the best for you and your band members!!

    12/2/12   4:33 PM

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