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October 4, 2012


  • jbooth :

    Like the new page M! Really enjoyed your visit to Austin, Tx.

    10/5/12   1:21 PM
  • jh5stringer :

    the new site is awesome!! an awesome musician/producer/composer/person should have an awesome website!!

    10/5/12   11:45 PM
  • beaushelby :

    My wife and I had been waiting for a really worthwhile show to hit the Bistro in St. Louis, Mo and you came through very nicely.
    We really enjoyed all the cats both individually and collectively and anxiously await your return.
    I work a and had to miss Kirk Whalum and John Scofield a couple of weeks later but I could think back on how you guys represented and all was well.
    Hope you had a chance to listen to the demo dub I laid on you at the autograph session. It was hastily prepared because she had to pull me away from my DAW to get some sleep for the show. (Smile)
    We'll be there at the very next opportunity no matter who you're with.
    God Bless
    Beau & Beatrice Shelby
    P.S. The pic scenario was super funny later , tryna talk with our mouths closed , etc and , of course , my mention of cuz Wynton Kelly was out of the utmost respect. HE's been one of my absolute favs for like 30 yrs.

    10/7/12   2:10 AM
  • Frank :

    I like the feel of the site. I was really glad that the FAQ was kept. I love reading those, and sharing them with my fellow musicians. The site feels smooth and fluid.

    10/9/12   9:37 AM
  • Trevor :

    This is a much improved website as promised, I'll be looking forward to the new features advertised on the site.

    Best regards

    10/9/12   10:32 AM

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