Have a great weekend. Me...I'll be on my way to France.

October 13, 2012


  • beaushelby :

    OK- So I finally get a chance to give Renaissance my undivided attention -something I always do with notable favorite artists'.
    Not surprisingly it's very rich and obviously heartfelt from first to last.
    That and ...uh ... FUNKY!
    Looking froward to the next live show , perhaps on the road? Who knows.
    All the best to you and the entire M2 family.
    Beau Shelby

    10/13/12   9:32 PM
  • FortyM2 :

    I really enjoyed the new website, expecially the FAQ section!
    I hope to see you soon in Rome, Marcus 🙂

    10/14/12   10:44 AM
  • Dino :

    Seeing you in Chicago (September 2012) completed the trilogy. Although I caught the Thunder tour I needed to see all individually. You were the last and you did not disappoint. Your work/ passion gets better and better. Renaissance played well at my annual cookout. I had to stop it from walking off several times.
    Thank you for guiding the next generation. Those cats are truly on fire. I can't wait to hear the good things they will do.
    Be Blessed and keep it moving. See you when you come back through Chicago.

    10/14/12   8:55 PM

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