Renaissance - Track 1

DETROIT The genesis for Detroit is a bass line that I realized has been running around in my head for a really long time, like 20 years! This is actually not that unusual for me. People who hang out with me notice that I'm always quietly singing stuff to myself, all day long. I'm not [...]

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New website, new music, new band. There's really a feeling of re-birth here on my side. Here's the story on Renaissance: They had this beautiful Miles Davis exhibit in Paris a few years ago called, "We Want Miles". It was essentially a Miles museum with various rooms, each dedicated to a different period of Miles' [...]

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Edi, you are the man!

It's crazy to think how long it's been since German mathematician, Edi Weitz, introduced himself to me after a concert we did at the North Sea Jazz Festival. It was 1997 and I was playing with "Legends", a group that included David Sanborn, Eric Clapton, Joe Sample and Steve Gadd. Edi told me to check [...]

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